How does Vehicle Leasing and Contract Hire work?


Vehicle leasing and Contract Hire – the cost-effective way to fund your business vehicles

For a fixed monthly payment you can lease brand new cars and vans without having to find the initial capital to purchase them outright.

The contract can be tailored to suit your particular business needs, but is typically between 3 and 4 years.
There is also the option to include maintenance within the lease.

Because you never own the vehicle, at the end of the contract we will collect it and dispose of it. This means that you never take the risk on the final value or have the hassle of selling it.

All you need to decide is which vehicle you want, the length of the contract and the expected mileage – we will look after the rest.

How does it work?

You can choose from almost any car or van currently on the market, and if you want some help deciding, our expert staff can advise you on what types of vehicle will suit your needs, decide the best term for the lease and mileage estimates.

Once you have chosen your vehicle(s) we will give you a quote. There are no hidden extras so, providing you return the vehicle within the terms of your contract, you will know exactly how much the vehicle is going to cost you.

Before ordering the vehicle we will tell you how long it will take to arrive from the manufacturer. If there is a gap between the delivery date and your requirements, we can talk to you about short-term rental vehicles to plug the gap, keeping you mobile at all times.

Once the lease has commenced, we will send you a monthly consolidated invoice for all of your funding and maintenance fees.

If you need help at any stage during the lease, our teams are contactable 24/7.

Reasons why leasing business vehicles makes sense:

  • Cost control – a competitive, fixed monthly amount to pay makes budgeting easier
  • Free up capital – you get new vehicles without the up-front costs, freeing up money for you to invest elsewhere in your business
  • Competitive costs – we buy thousands of vehicles and you will benefit from our buying power
  • No risk – you can eliminate the risks on vehicle depreciation and maintenance. At the end of the contract, simply hand back the car without worrying about how much it might be worth
  • Any vehicle – the widest choice of a cars and light commercial vehicles available to meet your business needs
  • Less administration – we deal with all the buying, maintenance and selling issues saving you time and money; allowing you to focus on your core business
  • Tax benefits – Reclaim 100% of the VAT on all maintenance charges, the lease rental for commercial vehicles and equipment assets. Plus 50% of the VAT on the fees and finance element of the rental on cars made available for private use
  • Hassle free – you have the option to add servicing and maintenance, taking away all the hassle of running a vehicle leaving you to just drive. Plus we offer other useful services including fuel, accident management and short term vehicle rental
  • Expert advice – we can advise you on the most suitable vehicles, type of funding, length of contract, anticipated mileage, tax position and how long you should keep each vehicle

Our dedicated team of experts are on hand to support you. We pride ourselves on delivering a fast, efficient and accurate service.

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