Renault ZOE long-range version now available

Renault has updated the ZOE line-up to include its new longer-range electric drivetrain, with rapid charging now only offered on the top trim level. With the R240 motor, named after its range in kilometres, the ZOE offers a class-leading 149-mile range from a single charge, based on the New European Drive Cycle, thanks to improved electronic management, and it’s also smaller than the unit it replaces. It’s expected that this will account for the bulk of sales. However, unlike the cars offered to date, the ZOE R240 cannot be rapid charged to 80% capacity in half an hour. Its maximum charging rate is 22kW, which means it takes about an hour to reach an 80% charge, but the Chameleon charging system has been reconfigured to offer faster top-ups from a domestic socket. The ZOE offered to date had been designed for bespoke charging points,…

Excited customer takes delivery of new Tesla Model S

One very excited new customer, Robert Llewellyn, takes delivery of his Tesla Model S from West Drayton whilst filming for his YouTube channel, Fully Charged, and for a live broadcast on Periscope. [youtubevideo id=”iw-m5fkwNWU”]


The £9m My Electric Avenue project, hosted by Scottish and Southern Energy Power Distribution and led by EA Technology, is testing the impact of electric vehicles on the local electricity network. Now entering its reporting phase, the My Electric Avenue project team will be hosting their first webinar specifically for the automotive and EV charging sectors to begin sharing the findings of this pioneering research. Over the next six months My Electric Avenue will be disseminating its findings so that energy companies, car manufacturers and others can learn from the project. Managed by EA Technology, and supported by partners which include Fleetdrive Electric and Zero Carbon Futures, My Electric Avenue is an innovative Ofgem funded project trialling ‘Esprit’, a technology to manage and remotely control EV charging with the aim of alleviating stress on local electricity networks. More than 200 people have been successfully…

Nissan LEAF trim range expanded

Nissan has launched the new Acenta+ grade expanding its LEAF range to four trim grades. Available from today (1 July), the new trim sits between the Acenta and range-topping Tekna model and is equipped with 17-inch wheels finished with blue accents plus a 6.6kW on-board charger as standard, along with a Mode-3 32amp (EVSE) cable. Previously available only as an option, the 6.6kW charger allows owners to perform a 0-100% charge in just four hours. The new model is priced at £24,740 with the Government’s Plug-in Car Grant applied, just over £1,150 more than the standard Acenta. More than 9,500 LEAFs have already been sold here and Nissan is the undisputed leader in the EV market. This new model delivers exceptional value and showcases the LEAF’s incredible technology and engineering. Contact us on 0330 303 2020 for a leasing quote tailored to your requirements.